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Tridimeo is pleased to welcome you at Motek – Stuttgart from 07 till 10 October 2019.

You are welcome to visit us in hall 7, booth 7529.

Looking forward to exchanging with you at the fair !

TRIDIMEO, successful at the Innov’Up Leader PIA contest

18 september 2018

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Tridimeo develops high-precision and ultrafast 3D vision systems to meet its industrial customers’ high-throughput quality inspection and automated robot control needs.

You are welcome to come meet us at INDUSTRIE Paris (stand 5F128 – CEA LIST) to discover new possibilities for your quality inspection or robotic guidance processes.


Tridimeo’s spectrally-coded-light 3D scanner, built on a technology developed at the CEA, represents a major advance in industrial vision systems. Users no longer need to choose between accuracy and speed. Tridimeo’s system delivers 3D images at speeds of up to five frames per second with submillimeter precision. And, with optical spectrum acquisition capabilities, the scanner can monitor product colors and detect undesirable elements like a drop of liquid on the neck of a bottle, for example. Tridimeo holds an exclusive license to a CEA patent and is continuing to improve its technology through a joint R&D lab with List.


Tridimeo’s system can substantially improve quality inspection, even on high-throughput production lines. Defects can be detected very early on in manufacturing processes, dramatically reducing the costs of non-quality. The system can also be used to automate robot control. Real-time 3D part location within millimeter accuracy keeps industrial robots on task and on time.


  • Short cycle time, robotic 3D picking (including random bin picking)
  • Color/spectrum monitoring
  • Unwanted material detection (e.g. soap on soap bottle)
  • Packing shape inspection
  • Label shape inspection
  • Assembly inspection

Looking forward to exchanging with you at the event.

Your TRIDIMEO team.

TDM002 model

TRIDIMEO, successful at the i-Lab 2017 national contest

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