Multispectral 3D cameras for industrial robots

“At Last, an industrial, on-board 3D registration vision solution,

fast to integrate and simple to operate!”

Laurent L.C. Chef d'unité Elémentaire de Travail

CUET amont métier automatisme et robotique châssis, Renault

3D camera & robotic process automation context

Today, many part locating tasks for pick-and-place processes in particular “3D picking” are not efficiently automated in factories because of the lack of fully satisfying industrial 3D vision solutions on the market, which causes loss of time and money.

Tridimeo’s disruptive 3D-picking vision solution was developed in cooperation with a car manufacturer for meeting industrial automation expectations.

Tridimeo Multispectral 3D cameras are quick and accurate, and offer seamless control, even on dark and bright parts.


Industrial image analysis software


By controlling the multispectral 3D camera, it produces the 3D point sets and computes the 3D localization and orientation of the part. Moreover, it provides a performance assessment of the 3D localization: part-absence detection, ambient light measurement, confidence index on 3D localization…

Fully customizable with job set system:

3D Registration – allows 3D point set registration

3D Calibration – geometric calibration between the Tridimeo multispectral camera and the robot

3D Re-Digitization – allows the robot to “learn” what the part looks like and
how to pick it with its own “eyes” (i.e. without the CAD model).