About Tridimeo




Our mission

To provide cutting-edge vision solutions that meet our customer’s needs for operation efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness to the benefit of workers, society and the Earth.

We are a French innovative start-up and we design and produce new-generation, high-performance multispectral 3D cameras, and develop software vision solutions used to automate various high-yield quality checks and short-cycle-time robotic guidance processes.


Tridimeo brings a disruptive technology to the market that contributes to increase manufacturing industry competitiveness: Tridimeo 3D multispectral cameras are quick and accurate, and offer seamless control, even on reflective parts. Its innovative solutions can deliver precise 3D images while ensuring acquisition frequencies up to five 3D images per second. Moreover, Tridimeo can monitor the product colour or even detect unwanted materials in the production. Tridimeo’s technology is based on a very innovative light projector used to probe the shape and the optical signature of objects. It was invented in the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission’s (CEA) with which Tridimeo signed a technical partnership.


In the global economy, the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry relies on the integration of digital technologies in the manufacturing process and on the automation of complex tasks. Today, many part locating tasks for pick-and-place processes (particularly “3D picking”) are not efficiently automated in factories, because of the lack of fully satisfying industrial 3D vision solutions on the market, which causes loss of time and money.



Our Solutions, Your Success

Tridimeo’s disruptive 3D-picking vision solution APERTIS was developed in cooperation with a major car manufacturer.

The solution demonstrates millimetre precision on the part location and proves to be 5 times faster than the solutions currently used in car manufacturing factories. The product also proved to be more robust to part tilt and brightness than current solutions, so there is significantly less interruptions of the manufacturing lines due to automation alarms.

Thus, Tridimeo’s 3D-picking vision solution provides factories with significant increase in productivity. In addition, APERTIS appears significantly faster to set up and easier to use than existing solutions.

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