Automotive, Aeronautics, Plastics & Materials Engineering,

Food & Consumer Products, Life Science & Medecine….


"At last, an industrial, on-board 3D-registration vision solution, fast to integrate and simple to operate!"

– Laurent L.C., Chef d’Unité Elémentaire de Travail 

CUET amont métier automatisme et robotique châssis, RENAULT

Case Studies

3D Bin picking & palletizing/depalletizing

High speed and reliable 3D picking, pick & place applications. Seamless control, even on dark and bright parts.


Accurate robotic guidance

3D localisation with high precision. Ideally suited for carousel or hangers to feed shot blasting or cataphoresis/painting machines.

Quality control : on line monitoring of painting process

Compliance (color, effect uniformity) & repeatability (night & day)