The most reliable 3D vision solution for robotic guidance


the right match between



APERTIS, a revolutionary vision software

Multispectral 3D cameras


for Robotic Guidance & Quality Inspection

Increased productivity

Less interruptions of the production lines

Quick integration

of 3D vision for industrial robots


Fast & accurate

Ergonomic solution

Multispectral 3D camera with spectrally coded light projector

  • Accurate robotic guidance
  • High-speed and reliable 3D picking:
    semi-random pick-and-place applications
  • Palletizing/depalletizing
  • Identification and sorting : color, shape, material or spectral signature

We design and produce new-generation, high performance 3D cameras

and develop software vision solutions


Industrial image analysis software


By controlling the multispectral 3D camera, it produces the 3D point sets and computes the 3D localization and orientation of the part. Moreover, it provides a performance assessment of the 3D localization : part-absence detection, segmentation and classification of 3D & 2D data, ambient light measurement (and suppression), confidence index on 3D localization…

Fully customizable with job set system

Multi-configurations suitable for all robotic cells on the manufacturing line.

Customer Confidence

"At last, an industrial, on-board 3D-registration vision solution, fast to integrate and simple to operate!"

– Laurent L.C., Chef d’Unité Elémentaire de Travail 

CUET amont métier automatisme et robotique châssis, RENAULT